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Douglas Mont, a lighting designer, Rispal collector, and true enthusiast of the brand, wanted to revive those emblematic creations of the golden age of French furniture. Years of research, meetings, and experiences.

If there is one model that represents the avant-gardism of Rispal alone, it is undoubtedly the "praying mantis." Its surname comes from its organic design and striking similarity to the insect. that Rispal products did not have names, only references. The "praying mantis" is often attributed to a certain Jean Rispal, though the reality is, Rispal lamps were designed by the in-house design team.

لا توجد حاليا دراسات كافية لتأكيد سلامة استخدام العلاج على الجنين; يستخدم العلاج فف يف فعةلعف فعةفعةعع يجب استشارة الطبيب أو الصيدلاني قبل تناول العلاج في حالة وجود حمل.

Panhard Dyna X, Renault 4CV, Peugeot 203 and Simca 8: in the course of the 50s, these four popular Frenchmen fought a fierce battle on the different terrains of motor racing. Often close to the origin, sometimes deeply modified, these cars have been unavoidable. We are interested here in the Renault 4 CV, a small car full of quality. Not only is she pretty and economical, but she has more valuable predispositions for the race. Light, agile, simple in design, it is immediately adopted by the pilots and imposes itself since 1950 as the small terror of the rallies. This instant success encourages Pierre Lefaucheux, president of the Régie Nationale des Usines Renault, to create by and for her the first service competitions of the brand. We are in 1951 and since a few months - December 1950 more precisely -, a very sharp version of the 4 CV is proposed to the pilot customers. Assembled drop-wise in Billancourt according to the wishes of buyers (early 1953, the SAPRAR subsidiary will distribute specific parts in the Renault network), the 80 copies of R1063 products have generic configurations of mechanical preparation. Depending on their finances, customers can indeed choose between a three-speed gearbox almost similar to the original, the box 4 manufactured by FAPRAM or a five-speed model developed by Georges Claude. Engine question, the basic offer is the same, namely a block of 4 CV whose displacement of 747 cm3 allows a commitment in the small class. The pistons are curved, the rods are dural, the cylinder head is deeply worked and it is dressed with tulip valves while the initial assembly provides a dual body carburetor Solex 30 PAAI attached to a sports tubing. A pipe receiving two 30 mm carburetors coupled to a "4 in 1" collector is also available, as well as an oil pan of 4 liters. The very high price of this model built on demand reserves it to a silver clientele.

Raymond Rispal, a young car mechanic from Villenave-d'Ornon, near Bordeaux, already has an experience of motorcycling competition when he begins to make his weapons in a car. Naturally, the R1063 gives him ideas, but he would almost have to sell his house to buy it. As a result, it is first as co-driver of Anne-Cécile Rose-Itier that it debuts on the most prominent model of the moment. This is a 1063 "client", chassis number 15, with which he will take part in the Monte-Carlo Rally. However, the purchase of a used R1063 is hardly expected since in June 1951, he officially becomes the owner of chassis number 19, the former Charles Lahaye. The trend is then lightened, lowered and deeply improved versions, as understood by the Clermont dealer Louis Rosier who realizes, in 1953, a splendid and powerful tray on base 4 CV. Rispal is probably inspired by it when it undertakes the transformation of a used R1062 into a "tank" intended to receive the mechanical elements of the R1063. He entrusts the platform of the small 4 CV to a coachbuilder Gironde named Sourgen and asked him to make the tray that will allow him to gain even more performance. Sourgen is not very comfortable with aluminum welding, which is why he will work mainly on the pile and the hammer. To power its car, Rispal revisits in depth a 4 HP engine. With two 32mm carbons, a special camshaft, large valves, bent pistons and many other modifications that only the opening of the engine would allow us to confirm, he manages to get 52 hp, a power he must compare with the 21 original ponies! Associated with a box 4 (note: it is no longer on the car), the small three levels of Billancourt is metamorphosed. Not to mention that the car, whose mass is estimated at 400 kg, weighs nothing ...

The 1950s were fertile in craft creations for the competition. Among these innumerable vehicles is a small "tank" based on Renault 4 CV: the Rispal Special, named after its manufacturer driver. For you, we have emerged from his sleep the copy usually exhibited at the Manoir de l'Automobile Lohéac. Text and photos Hugues Chaussin.

Registered in April 1954 under the number 397 AA 33, the Rispal Special is engaged in all the disciplines in which it is admitted, starting with the grand prix like that of Bressuire in June 1954, where it ranks three. At the Grand Prix de Bordeaux, in April 1955, Rispal won his category in front of his public, a performance that he renewed at the Circuit des Remparts in Angoulême five weeks later. An unfortunate event will unfortunately put a stop to the use of this "tank" in its original form. The tragedy of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which occurred a few days later, will lead to a change in the technical regulation of road racing, forcing Rispal to modify its tray, otherwise it should have been stored in a corner of the garage. The manufacturer pilot finds the solution by grafting an inverted Dauphine flag, the rear window of the sedan becoming the windshield of the "new" Rispal coupe. Even if the Bordeaux driver achieved good results at his wheel, like the overall victory of the 1959 Rally Bordeaux Sud-Ouest, he experienced intense frustration, as he had once said: "With my boat, I found the outdoor driving sensations, like on a motorcycle. With a roof, it was not the same anymore. It's a bit for that he will then abandon his Special to build the second Rispal, this time a single-seater Formula Junior.

Serving as Director for the Americas and the Caribbean from 2014 to June 2017, Ms. Rispal is also the Senior Officer for Gender Equality with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on the High Council for Equality between Men and Women. As an Officer of the National Order of Merit, Knight of the Legion of Honor, and Knight of the Order of Agricultural Merit, Ms. Rispal presented her credentials to His Excellency the Right Honorable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, on June 22, 2017.

Holding a Master's degree in Law and an alumnus of the Institute of Political Studies and the National School of Administration, she joined the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1986. She began her service in Paris with the department responsible for atomic and space- related affairs before moving to the Economic and Financial Affairs Directorate. Bernard Kouchner, the Secretary of State for Humanitarian Affairs and International Affairs.

On her return to France, from 2011 to 2014 she served as Director of Sustainable Development and Public Affairs with the Lafarge Group.

As Deputy Director of European Community Law and International Economic Law at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Legal Affairs Directorate from 1997 to 2000, she was appointed First Counselor at the Embassy of France in London.

This little naughty person is the embodiment of courage. I really like it. I could not say that he could have avoided our communication. But my nature is naturally subtle. He gives advice for a million. Little bastard, how I was. He knows women to the tip of the nose. For this I need to study and listen to him.

A dog and a cat love you anything, despite our little quarrels, I confess I think I envy you a little.

He loves to be like an older brother to me. Always and everywhere to accompany me. He will do everything to please the hazyka of his heart. From year to year, he wants my beautiful sister in the evening to come to him and pick up his bouquet of flowers but, he does not, because he never does anything and remains with a bouquet in his hand alone.

Chorus: He is like me No, he does not listen to do not I do not like him I do not like him no! I am proud because he has everything.

The designer Douglas Mont relaunches the production of the iconic creations of this French manufacturer and publisher, who marked the 1950s.

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